Three tips for blissful Christmas relationships.

By KimReutzel - Last updated: Monday, December 13, 2010 - 624 Comments

As we near Christmas there are a few things to keep in mind so the peace of the season will be experienced by all.  As we stress and flail to meet all the busyness we have placed on our schedule, take a few minutes to re-evaluate your state of affairs.  Self evaluation is where the bliss can be saved.

Ponder this:

1.  We can’t change others, that is God’s job.  We can only change the attitude about other’s behaviors and pray that God will change them.

2.  Your tongue can be like a hot pepper, it has the ability to get someone fired up on the spot.  When nerves are high take the time to think, think and think  – then speak.

3.  Realize we all have good and bad days.  We all share our bad days with someone.  We don’t want others happier to see us walk out of a room rather then in it.  Be blissful sunshine not grumpy clouds this holiday season.

Christmas blessings to all.  Happy living and Loving, Kim Reutzel  Speaker, Pastoral Counselor and Author of Kissing and Cooking for Couples.


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