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What do Sunscreen and Romance have in common?

By KimReutzel - Last updated: Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tweet When spending time in the sun we are recommended to put on sunscreen to prevent pre-maturing of the skin and skin cancer.   Prevention is a largely-used word in our society.  We are to prevent heart disease by eating and exercising properly.  We prevent catastrophic loss by purchasing insurance.  Yet what are we doing to […]


A Resolution or a Priority?

By KimReutzel - Last updated: Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tweet A New Years resolution, or a priority list for 2009?? A resolution is a firmness of purpose or intention. A priority is something coming before in time order or importance- your highest importance. Once again it’s time for our New years resolutions.   Take a look at this list a little differently this year. […]