Kissing and Cooking for Couples

A Recipe to Add Spice and Romance To Your Relationship.
In and Out of the Kitchen!

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Are you or someone you know looking for a way to "spice" up a relationship? Would you like suggestions on how to build a lasting and loving relationship that tickles all your senses? Do you feel that your relationship has lost some of its’ excitement over the years -- and you are feeling stuck in the daily routine of waking up, going to work, eating while watching television, then going to sleep? Do you find that you do not go out of your way to keep the spark alive and are searching for a way to re-ignite that burning flame?

Kissing and Cooking for Couples does just that! This book encourages couples to set-aside a fun-filled date-night to cook, confide, and giggle together along with daily tips on how to keep the fires burning even when the kitchen is closed! If you can’t find time to cook together then simply take the book to the dinner table to entice a night to reminisce, romance and remember.

Essentially two books in one!!

The beginning chapters of this book provide insightful faith-based suggestions to aid couples in encouraging communication, turning conflict into compromise, controlling your negative thoughts, having realistic expectations, building on your differences, spending time together and showing love and affection.

The second portion of the book provides step-by-step date nights which include a menu, shopping list, finish the sentence cards, preparation topics, his and her cooking duties, scheduled kisses, kissing quotes, dinner topics, Bible verses, a table prayer, advice from the marriage planner and advice from other couples.

Three vital reasons why Kissing and Cooking will strengthen your relationship:

1. You will be given step-by-step methods to improve communication and to assist in conflict-resolution.

2. You and your spouse will realize the importance of setting-aside special time together and reap the benefits of a devoted loving bond.

3. You will learn the Bible tested and Jesus approved method of thinking, which is sure to give you heavenly relationship results.

Great Gift Idea: Anniversary, wedding, bridal shower, valentines, birthday, Christmas or just because.

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Other say these good things:

"Kissing and Cooking for Couples is an uplifting spiritual guide to an extremely heavenly relationship. Kim designed this must-have book for all couples who need to find the missing link in their relationship. Make this a "night to remember" with the one you love. The book will take you back to that "falling in love for the first time" feeling! Very inspirational…"
Carla and Joel Skow, married ten years

"In her book Kissing and Cooking for Couples, God has blessed Kim with insight into how married couples can work together to keep their marriages exciting and to learn to celebrate how God has created them differently so that they, too, can come together and enjoy their differences rather than go in different directions."
Dr. Phyllis J. Arno, President, Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling

"My husband and I loved this and it was a great way for us to communicate on a one on one level. Our relationship isn’t struggling but after we had the twins things became much more complicated and it put a strain on our relationship. I had always heard having children would do that but I didn’t realize how much! This book definitely gives you a new way to look at cooking and communicating with your partner. It has helped us tremendously by changing the way we communicate with each other and it’s brought some new spice into our relationship while making it stronger."
Jessica, CEO

"This would be a great gift for any couple: newlywed to long married. For the newlywed, it would be great to help them get their romance off to a good start. An "old" married couples could use a new spark to rekindle the romance."
Julie Donahue, Mom Blogger.

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