Giving thanks turns into thankful living!

By KimReutzel - Last updated: Saturday, November 29, 2008 - 164 Comments

How is the 40 days of giving thanks going?  I know for me it has me giving thanks for things I have never thought much about.  My winter coat, my gloves, and oh yes, even my space heater in my office.

 The next time you notice a negative thought send yourself to your 40 days of wanting what you have list. You will notice a change of mood quickly.

The other day in church I noticed scripture that spoke right to my heart, You whom I have blessed.  It felt as if God was pointing right at me and I believe I finally accepted his blessing deep down in my soul.  When it touched my very soul I sat up straight, I had a little smile and I’m sure my eyes twinkled as I thought about being blessed by our God of the universe.  I thought to myself , “Do I live blessed?  What in my life shows and represents that blessing?  Do I carry myself in a way that shows that blessing?  Do I share the blessing with others?”

I walk around today with a new pride in being blessed. Anytime something tries to steal that special gift I received from those verses, I simply repeat them again and stand up tall as I give a wink and a smile up to the heavens.

Join me standing tall in our blessings by doing the same!

Happy living and Loving!  Kim

Kim Reutzel, relationship and life stylist.  Speaker, pastoral counselor and author of Kissing and Cooking for Couples.


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