A Resolution or a Priority?

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A New Years resolution, or a priority list for 2009??

A resolution is a firmness of purpose or intention.

A priority is something coming before in time order or importance- your highest importance.

Once again it’s time for our New years resolutions.  

Take a look at this list a little differently this year.
How about calling it your priority list for 2009.

I feel by making it a priority it means I will place it before other important things.

To improve something we need to know what we want to improve or simply decide what’s important to us.

Don’t forget to put yourself on your priority list!

Example-Here’s mine — Now make yours — what’s important to you?
Kim’s Priority list 2009
Me:  Drink more water, eat better, exercise 3 times a week and have quite time alone.
Del: (my husband)  Tell him I love him more!  Be more interested in
what is important to him.
Work:  Start earlier each morning.  Make a list each day and stay on track.
Spiritually:  Remember to include prayer into every decision.
And so on…..

What is important to you this year?  Share it with the people you
love.  My husband loved to hear I wanted to say I loved him more.
When you share with them that they are on your priority list, they
feel special!  We all want to feel special!!

Guess what?  “I love you,” has turned into a purpose to flirt.  Try it, it’s funny how a simple thing can be relationship changing!
Blessed living and Loving!  Kim Reutzel
www.kimreutzel.com  Author, Kissing and Cooking for Couples.


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